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What Women Really Want From Men

Article Source: Dating Books For Men. Copyright 2008
Author: Michael Pilinski

Michael Pilinski is the author of Without Embarrassment
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For guys who have failed to successfully apply the pick up line in their dating efforts, this story may strike a conciliatory note.

In a kind of role reversal to using a pick up line to assist in approaching women, women themselves were asked just what would constitute a classy pick up action by a man.

One quote in particular stood out from all the others: "A man who seems like he's lived a little will always capture my interest..."

There it is guys... women will respond to a man who seems like he's LIVED. When you have accumulated a resume of real experiences in your life - career, social, emotional, romantic and physical - women not only sense this about you, but they do so mere moments after first meeting you. It's in your attitude, the way you conduct yourself, the cut of your clothes or how casually you wear them. Even the gleam in your eye will be a tell for them. All these factors work together to "throw off" the best pick up line there can possibly be: the NON-VERBAL one.

Yes that's right, non-verbal. A sure way to check your fear of rejection is to eliminate from your mind the enormous pressure you feel to perform in the face of uncertainty. You can do this by perfecting your Male Display to signal women around you that you are a man with a life's purpose - that you are centered and able to deliver the kind of emotions that all women desire from their romantic partners. In short, you are a man who has lived a little! And it shows. Now let the women begin to signal back their interest in you, and you will soon find yourself able to take action with astonishing ease.

The idea that you might be able to walk up to some great looking woman, while reeking of low male status, and stammer out some magical "pick up line" that will somehow force her to overlook the mountain of negative vibes you are otherwise broadcasting is flat out ridiculous. Understand that there is no such magic. Women are not stupid - they can see who you are. You simply cannot compensate for a lifetime of letting your Male Display atrophy away (or for never having developed one in the first place) with some string of impossibly clever words.

Life is just not that simple.

There is only one way that using a pick up line to meet women is likely to work for you, and that's when it's delivered from a platform of glimmering male lifeforce. This power doesn't come naturally to every man - but it can be developed as a skill like any other that can be learned from observing how it's accomplished by the best among us. And mimicking their ways.

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Michael Pilinski is the author of
Without Embarrassment
Michael Pilinski, the author discussed in my Without Embarrassment review, is a deep-thinking battle-scarred woman's man, who has figured out how to ascend the Male Dominance Scale by which women grade men as a potential mate. Care to improve your score?
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