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How to Get a Girl to Like You

Article Source: Dating Books For Men. Copyright 2008
Author: John Alexander

John Alexander is the author of How To Become An Alpha Male
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We have all had that one special woman in our lives. The one with the sweet personality, the really nice hair and the perfect face. She is the one who dates the more "adept" guys. So, the question is: how can you get her to like YOU?

While men are mainly attracted to a woman because of the way she looks, women find men attractive because of their personality. The ideal man, for them, is an alpha male who is confident of himself and not afraid to take the lead to get what he wants from life.

Generally, what this means is that the best way to get a girl to like you is to make her feel like she has EARNED you.

This is because to get a girl to really like you, you need to come from the mindset of high value. Never come to her from a position of neediness.

So the best way to think about approaching any one particular woman requires a mindset that involves:

1. Nonchalance.

2. Non-attachment to the outcome of whether or not she decides she likes you. (By which I mean, if she likes you, great, but if not, there are always other women out there who are just as great as she is.)

The essential point to realize here is that a woman should never be a challenge for you. Instead you need to be a challenge for her.

Besides placing a high value on yourself, you should also eliminate any neediness on your part by developing your social network. Make friends with as many women as possible. (Fortunately, women are very easy to make friends with.)

Also, try to date as many women as you can. Do not restrict yourself by only dating "that one special girl."

Why? Because the last thing you want to be going through your mind when you are around that special woman is the thought that, "God, I MUST have her! She's irreplacible!" Having a surplus of women in your life will help you avoid thinking like this.

Besides, when a woman notices that other girls are attracted to you, she will also feel attraction. Psychologically, this is known as the phenomenon of "social proof" and it is much more powerful in women than men.

Have you ever noticed the way your female friends drool over some guy in the bar who has got four babes at his table? That is social proof in action.

By the way, it is OK to believe that a girl is beautiful and to feel strong emotions for her.

Here is the important thing though - you always need to remind yourself that there are LOTS of other women out there, many of whom who are just as wonderful as this that girl you really like.

If you start to convince yourself that any girl is one of a kind, that gives her total power over you, and, ironically, she will lose any attraction she has for you.

So, you are free to think that a woman is amazing. Simply remember that plenty of other girls are amazing too. That way you will not become needy.

So, the moral of the story is this: you should place a high value on yourself, you should make her earn your attention, and you should hang out with as many women as you can. Use these three essential techniques for how to get a girl to like you and you will see amazing results very soon.

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B Y   T H E   S A M E   A U T H O R . . .
John Alexander is the author of
How To Become An Alpha Male
John Alexander, the author discussed in my How To Become An Alpha Male review, says that while most other dating books focus on WHAT to do to please the woman, the better approach is to concentrate instead on how to BECOME the man that women respond to.
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