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Pick up lines - using them to meet women

Article Source: Dating Books For Men. Copyright 2008
Author: Michael Pilinski

Michael Pilinski is the author of Without Embarrassment
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Judging from the email I sometimes get, it can seem like using a pick up line to meet women is the most highly sought after Holy Grail in the entire Seduction Universe. You know what I'm referring to - that "underground" of guys whose dream is to be able to figure out a way to forcefully re-focus the romantic attention of women onto themselves wherever, and whenever, they choose to. But all this with the use of a single most wondrous, fantastically glib pick up line? Maybe you were hoping to apply a few gems like these yourself?

Yeah, right... Those will work. Ah, NOT.

Have you any brilliant ideas yourself? Because I'm afraid my tank is empty.

Still, I get more email from guys who plead for me to just "please provide me with that one perfect pick up line that can cast women into a hypnotic love-spell..." than for anything else.

I disappoint them time and again when I confess that I simply don't have anything to offer. That's not what the High Status Male methods outlined in my book Without Embarrassment are all about. I never simply slide up to strange women in clubs and pubs, slip them my "magical mystical pick up line", and lead the helplessly hypnotized honeys away for a night of wall banging sex. If one of you guys out there knows of such a mind-altering pick-up line, please e-mail it to me immediately because I need to try it out for myself: . Hey, I'll even post all your most excellent submissions at the bottom of this page to share with everyone. I'm not greedy!

All that aside, I don't believe anyone has perfected a standardized and easily-canned approach to meeting women - simply because it's just NOT possible.

How could you ever be able to come up with some perfect something to say to a woman that would take into consideration every imaginable variable that might exist between men and women? One perfect pickup line that would account for differences in personality, pre-conceived notions of proper social behavior, current life phase and relationship situation, hormonal balance, religious beliefs, level of emotional pre-occupation, physical self-view, social conditioning, and current mood?

Not to mention just how her unconscious mind might respond to just seeing your face! Do you remind her subconsciously of that guy in grammar school that she always had a huge crush on, or even dreamed of marrying? Or are you a perfect match for Mr. Right? Mr. Right Now?

Or Mr. Serial-abusing Stepdad?

You should understand that your ability to "pick up" women has little to do with any magical opening words you may utter in her ear (other than a simple hello and a subdued smile), and EVERYTHING to do with your magical opening attitude.

Women are rather emotional creatures - far more so than we men are (except perhaps for those of you so desperate to get laid that you emit the repellant stench of desperation). Women want to discover your potential to create emotion within them. They are not impressed with your words so much as they are with your male display.

Male display? By this I mean that certain mixture of qualities and characteristics which broadcast to women that a man has achieved a degree of respect (and perhaps even dominance) OVER HIS FELLOW MEN. This "air" is held fast in the way a guy carries himself. More than anything else, this unspoken aura can set a woman's heart aflame EVEN AGAINST HER WISHES.

It can do this because it taps into an ancient instinct buried within the recesses of her subconscious mind - an instinct that tells her when it is time to mate.

The thing is, humans are sent "into heat" by the cues they get from their higher intellect - NOT by simple chemical signals like most lesser animals. When humans - men and women - sense certain audio-visual-olfactory signals coming from a close-by member of the opposite sex that match a specific pattern suggesting a high probability of reproductive success (i.e. youth in women, strength in men), their "old" hindbrains are conditioned to automatically prepare for the possibility of mating.

This does not mean that these urges cannot be suppressed by our thinking minds - most often they are, since we don't go around recklessly humping one another at the merest suggestion of an opportunity. We are civilized. Controlled.

Well - perhaps we are controlled only in the sense that our actions are limited by our own highly developed (and uniquely human) sense of shame. Shame is a powerful emotional force that sets a boundary defining the limits of what we can accomplish. The weight of the shame we carry lurks behind all of our actions, almost like an off-stage puppet master. It is shaped from the sum of all our life experiences, and especially from the way we have responded to them by creating self defeating behaviors (or not).

Male shame can really get in the way when it comes to our ability to meet women. Shame about our weakened position in the hierarchy of other males around us. Shame creates fear, and fear is the marker of the low status male - the man who has been beaten out and put in his place by other men. When a woman senses your fear, it makes her uncomfortable and she wants to immediately draw away from you. If you reach out and touch her timidly - fearfully - your touch will seem unpleasant and even creepy to her.

On the other hand, the High Status Male acts with a confidence that seems (but isn't necessarily) devoid of fear. Even if you can simply manage to fake the illusion of the High Status Male, you can make yourself seem enticing instead of disturbing. It is all well worth the effort.

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Michael Pilinski is the author of
Without Embarrassment
Michael Pilinski, the author discussed in my Without Embarrassment review, is a deep-thinking battle-scarred woman's man, who has figured out how to ascend the Male Dominance Scale by which women grade men as a potential mate. Care to improve your score?
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