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Relationship Books For Men

Article Source: Dating Books For Men. Copyright 2008
Author: Stephen J. Carter

John Alexander is the author of How To Become An Alpha Male
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Relationship books for men can be hard to read. Some of them are written by guys who should never be allowed to get within ten feet of a pen. About half of the dating books for men that I have read have fallen into this category. To save you time, money, and the frustration of knowing you have made a bad choice in your selection of a dating advice guru, I am going to tell you which books are worthy of your attention.

More specifically, I am going to concentrate on just two relationship books for men. If you elect to read either of these books you will learn a great deal about the nature of women, your relationship to them in the grand scheme of things, and how you can dramatically increase your prospects for landing the woman of your dreams.

Now, I will admit that this sounds like a lofty goal. But consider the reality that most guys face when they begin their dating attempts in earnest. To start with, none of us guys are given the user manual for women. To us, they might as well be black boxes for all that we understand about how they think and the things they do.

To make the situation even harder on ourselves, what we do learn about women through trial and error, we do not share with one another. Girls are just the opposite. They make it their duty to exchange stories with other women and build up some semblance of how the male animal responds to certain stimuli. Not us, we suffer in silence and wonder what the hell is wrong with our approach. If failure with women seems to be the norm for you, well you are not alone. Ninety percent of the other guys out there are no better off than you are. The other ten percent, the ones who are having all the fun, well there is not a whole lot of reason for them to clue you into what you are doing wrong that is driving the women in their direction.

Yes, there are some amazing little secrets about women that a few guys have divined by sheer luck, or through the sheer audacity to experiment with methods that most guys would never be bold enough to try in a million years.

Fortunately, two of these guys have taken it upon themselves to educate the rest of us about what it is that they have been doing right when it comes to woman. What makes this pair stand out from the rest of the dating gurus who clutter up the mens dating and seduction niche is that these two guys are smart, they write with clarity, and they hit the nail on the head when it comes to trying to successfully understand the motivations of the women we would try to win over.

The first of these authors is John Alexander, whose book you can learn more about on my How To Become An Alpha Male review page. John's approach is to take the point of view that it is useless to pursue women, and instead what a man should do is concentrate on himself, and learn how to become an alpha male - the kind of guy that other guys automatically look up to and respect. If you can win over the guys, says John, the women tend to follow with no extra effort on your part. How you do that - turn yourself into an alpha male is, of course, the subject of his book.

John's ideas are appealing, especially if you regard yourself as the kind of guy who has tried hard to be appealing to women but success just seems to keep alluding you. As you will discover in his book, alpha males do not try to be appealing to anyone other than themselves, but in a way that naturally attracts the opposite sex.

The second author is Michael Pilinski, whose book you can learn more about on my Without Embarrassment review page. Michael differs from John in two respects. He is a little more the thinking man's version of the dating guru, and he is discernibly more annoyed with all the learning experiences that he has been forced to go through in order to arrive at the point where he is now. His hard won successes with women did not come without battle scars and he is not afraid to show them, because he knows that there are millions of men like him across the world that have run into all the emotional turmoil that he has when dealing with the apparently bizarre logic that women use to decide whether or not admit a man into their world.

Well, Michael has figure out the secret handshakes, and he is spilling the beans, because he does not believe all guys need suffer the way that he has. The bottom line is that if you feel cursed when it comes to women, Michael Pilinski is the guy to read. Get yourself a copy of Without Embarrassment and be prepared to be blow away by the revelations that this guy has to make. You may never look at another women in quite the same way again!

So there you have it - two excellent titles to choose from. If you want a straightforward and mellow approach to conquering the hearts of women you will go with John Alexander. If you think your issues with women run a little deeper, and that you may need to psychoanalyze yourself to get at the root of your problems, them Michael Pilinski is your man. But no matter what your decision, you really cannot go wrong with either of these dating books.

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John Alexander is the author of
How To Become An Alpha Male
John Alexander, the author discussed in my How To Become An Alpha Male review, says that while most other dating books focus on WHAT to do to please the woman, the better approach is to concentrate instead on how to BECOME the man that women respond to.
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