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The Art Of Flirting With Women

Article Source: Dating Books For Men. Copyright 2008
Author: Joseph Matthews

Joseph Matthews is the author of The Art Of Approaching
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I would like to ask you a question.

Do you have a favorite woman, yet despite all your romantic efforts, you remain just friends?

Well, there is a reason that happened!

Chances are it was because you did not know how to flirt properly with the woman.

Understand: Flirting is a very important part of the attraction process, and if you do it wrong (or worse yet, not at all!), the odds of blowing your chance with the girl go up significantly.

So why is flirting so important?

The answer is simple really; the process of flirting creates sexual tension.

No sexual tension equals no attraction, when there is not attraction, what does this make you?

Yes, that is right; it makes you simply a friend.

You can increase the attraction a woman finds in you by knowing how to flirt with her.

And the secret is - flirting isn't really as hard as many people think. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. The only time flirting doesn't work is when it's done WRONG.

See, there's an art to flirting with a woman. Flirting is all about communicating your sexual interest in the girl, without coming right out and SAYING it.

This is called "mixed signals."

Your words communicate something different than your actions are communicating.

Some of the most common mistakes men make while flirting with a woman include:

MISTAKE #1: They Are Too Obvious

Many men are caught up in the excitement of being attracted to a woman, and then they say exactly what they feel. They do not realize that this type of information presentation forces the woman to decide how she may feel about him.

You must lay the proper groundwork ahead of time, so you can avoid rejection.

MISTAKE #2: They Aren't Obvious Enough!

On the flip side of that coin are the guys who communicate NO INTEREST AT ALL, yet in their minds they think that the girl should know how they are feeling. Then, when they make their move, the girl is surprised because up to this point, she had no idea the guy was interested in her!

MISTAKE #3: Relying On Words Rather Than Actions

Although, flirting includes what you say and the way you say it, the most powerful performance comes from your non-verbal body language. The small simple things like raising an eyebrow, tilting your head to one side and that wicked little grin, that carries the most meaning in a seemingly innocent remark.

MISTAKE #4: They Take Things Too Seriously

Flirting, when done right, is light and fun. When guys try and make flirting more serious romantic gestures, the tension begins to break down.

If you're not having fun when flirting - and more importantly, if the girl isn't having fun - then you are doing something WRONG.

We could list more mistakes; however, this should provide you with a clear picture. Do you wonder what the right way to begin flirting is?

You're going to want to use as much sexual innuendo as you can. This is a great way to flirt. But the key here is to be SUBTLE.

Let us say you are at a bar, for example and the woman you are with orders a drink and then asks if you would like one as well, you can jokingly say to her, You aren't trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me, are you, while adding a nod and a wink.

This lets her know you are interested without saying it outright. Flirting is implication and it is fun and lighthearted.

Another example may be, when a woman makes a sexy remark, you say to her, Stop trying to tempt me, you vixen, you know I never kiss a woman on the first date.

Consider how this works.

After you begin flirting more often, you will begin to be more apparent concerning your interests, without ever crossing that line.

While doing this, you begin to notice the attraction that is building between you and the woman. Before much longer, all that harmless flirting turns into outright seduction.

And that is when the real fun begins.

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Joseph Matthews is the author of
The Art Of Approaching
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