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Hi. My name is Stephen Carter, and I created this site to help men of all ages find high quality dating guides.

Let's face it, unless you happen to be born looking like Brad Pitt, Sean Connery, or Paul Newman, you are going to have to LEARN how to attract the women you want in your life, just as you have to learn how to do all the other things in your life that lead to rewards. I'm sure that I don't have to sell you on that idea.

Now, if you are skeptical that authors of dating guides have anything worth learning, you can rest assured that the best ones DO. There are GREAT dating advice authors, and there are those that make you regret ever opening their book, let alone having paid for it. Well, I won't be reviewing the products of any of those authors on this site. You'll only find recommendations for titles that I would have no hesitation handing out to members of my immediate family. That's why I have limited my recommendations to just a handful of titles.

Personally, I think that's the way it should be when you visit a review site like this one. You should be able to trust the recommendations and feel confident that when you purchase one of these guides you'll come away thinking that by reading my reviews you not only saved yourself time, but I was able to help you narrow your selection to the RIGHT dating guide for you.

I hope you enjoy perusing the site as much as I did putting it together for you.

Stephen Carter

P.S. In case you are wondering about where I am based physically, it is Pasadena, CA.

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