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Pick Up Lines To Start A Conversation

Article Source: Dating Books For Men. Copyright 2008
Author: Joseph Matthews

Joseph Matthews is the author of The Art Of Approaching
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Pick up lines have a very bad reputation.

How many times have we heard cheesy pick up lines like:

"Are you a parking ticket? Because you're a little fine!"

"Your name must be Gillet, because you're the best a man can get."

"Did you wash your pants with windex? Because I can see myself in them."

Let's face it - if you use lines like these on a girl, she's not going to give you the time of day.

But because the bad pick up lines get so much attention, people think ALL pick up lines are like this.

However, this is not correct.

Using good pick up lines actually assist you in picking up a woman.

Understand: The whole point of using a pick up line is to get a conversation started.

That is all.

Once you get the girl talking with you, then you can work your magic and do what you need to do to get the date, the phone number, or the make-out.

But if you can't get the conversation started, then you can do anything else!

Because you shouldn't just be talking to a girl. You should be ENGAGING the girl. Pulling her into a conversation with you is the only sure-fire way to further your agenda.

Do you know that good pick up lines do just that?

It is natural to be nervous when going out to meet women, being unsure what to say; however, most often you miss your chance to meet a good woman, simply because it takes to long to think up something to say.

That is why it's important to know one or two good pick up lines that actually WORK. Because for those situations where you can't be original, you need something to help you take action!

Keep in mind that women are wise; never use these types of pick up lines, since they get you nowhere at all.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?"

This is a lame pick up line, and all women know it, you might think yourself clever, but they will not.

Other bad pick up lines include, asking for directions, complimenting her on her clothing and telling her she looks like some big celebrity.

Why is this?

These lines do not engage the woman, since once she answers you; the conversation has nowhere to go.

Good pick up lines avoid "yes and no" answers. They are about getting the girl to think about her response, evoking an emotional reaction, and making her WANT to continue to communicate with you.

How can you engage a woman in conversation with you?

The easiest way is to ask her opinion about something. Every woman has strong opinions, and they aren't afraid to share them! (Particuarly when they come to relationships!)

Good pick up lines work like this, for example. Say something to the woman, like this, Hi, I need you opinion on something, do you think it is normal for a woman to try to time a pregnancy so that her baby is born within a particular zodiac sign? I would really like to hear the opinion of a woman about this subject.

Once you engage her in the conversation you may follow up with a tale of some woman who wants to be sure she and her children are astrologically compatible, to make life a bit more enjoyable as life moves along.

These various types of subjects for conversation can be about:

1. Children 2. Marriage 3. Astrology 4. Pregnancy 5. Relationships

The places you can go with this type of line are limitless. Here are some of my favorite follow-ups.

"Do you think there's something to astrology?" (then lead into more discussion about destiny or fate.)

"What is your sign?" (No matter what she says - be sure to mention your sign is compatible with hers!)

"Do you like kids? You seem like the nurturing type."

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

So as you can see, this pick up line is designed to pull the girl into a deep and interesting conversation, and gives you the opportunity to get to know her better and allow her to become familiar with you.

This is how conversations are started!

At this point, it's the easiest thing in the world to get a phone number from a girl, and possibly even set up a first date.

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Joseph Matthews is the author of
The Art Of Approaching
Joseph Matthews, the author discussed in my The Art Of Approaching review, believes 10 percent of males enjoy 90 percent of the success when it comes to dating women. His aim is to put YOU into that 10 percent using 350+ pages of solid dating advice.
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