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Without Embarrassment

Review Summary
If you are the sort of guy for whom attractive women seem like unapproachable creatures who still your blood when they pass within your periphery, then THIS is the book for you. You will learn how to stem your anxiety and actually elevate your status in their eyes.
If you DON'T have any problems approaching women, you might find the psychoanalytic parts of the book which address these issues a little overbearing.
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Author: Michael Pilinski

What Customers Are Saying

"I am quite smart (169 IQ, 1510 SAT, MENSA member) and I must say that I found your book immensely enlightening and insightful on the same scale that I found physics books such as Steven Hawking's A Brief History of Time, Feyman's Quantum ElectroDynamics and Lederman's The God Particle enlightening. I was humbled by your intellect and your knowledge of this material on a MASSIVE scale. You Sir are THE MAN."
- Rick

"Mike, I'm 2-for-2 with your handshake technique! Last night I had a first date with a teacher who lives nearby. We met at a cowboy bar about 6 weeks ago, and I've been e-mailing ever since... [Last night] when I greeted her, I used the handshake trick again, and she did NOT move her hands an inch! She just kept them right on top of mine, and - just like the other woman I met at Rockin' Rodeo - she looked like she was in a trance!"
- Chip

"I can't begin to tell you how helpful your book was. I was married very young (17) and ended up divorced almost 24 years later. To say that I had NO seduction skills would be a monumental understatement... Now three weeks later (and dozens of less and less botched approaches) I have more women than I possibly have time for! And I'm actually getting pretty good at it! Thank You. You saved me years, if not a lifetime, of figuring it out!"
- Eddie

Who Is This Book's Target Audience?

If you are the kind of guy who is intensely shy of women, or you sense that your FEAR of women somehow stems from the psychological environment from which you emerged not entirely unscathed (though you may not understand exactly to what degree), then you will be happy to learn that Mike Pilinski's "Without Embarrassment" was written SPECIFICALLY with guys like you in mind. Mike uses the term Severe Rejection Hyper-Sensitivity to characterize a condition that he believes is responsible for instilling in some men an unnatural and psychologically-damaging paralyzing fear of women. Mike's stated goal is to help you guys identify the causes of this condition and help you work towards eliminating its stranglehold over your dating and love-life, so that you can go on to enjoy the kind of success with women that you deserve.

Brief Description Of The Book

Once upon a time, Michael Pilinkski was your garden variety rejection-hypersensitive malcontent whose inability to relate to women cast a deep and long shadow over his sex-life. Then something happened. He wised up. It didn't happen overnight. In fact it took years of introspection, self-psychoanalysis, and LOTS of experimental interactions with women before he discovered the causes behind his characterization by women as a "low status" male or LSM.

But once he saw what was going on, and how he was inadvertently sabotaging any hope for success with women, it became all too clear what he needed to do to be able to present himself as a High Status Male in the eyes of women and enjoy the kind of success with them that had eluded him all his life.

The good news is that Michael has managed to boil all of his understanding of this complex subject into a coherent and highly instructive treatise on the art of ascending the Male Dominance Scale by which women grade a man as a potential mate, or even grist for a one night stand.

His subtitle for the book is "The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System", and this really sums up the content quite nicely. But he's actually titled the book "Without Embarrassment".

You'll find seven fully-detailed chapters in "Without Embarrassment" plus a few appendices that add material, such as a male dominance scale test that can be used to determine your current "worth" in the eyes of women.

  • Chapter 1: Is Your Ego Roadkill Yet?

  • Chapter 2: Seduction: How The Game Is Played

  • Chapter 3: The Male Dominance Scale Exposed

  • Chapter 4: Comfortable Wimps, Tough Men

  • Chapter 5: Essential Flirting

  • Chapter 6: Closing The Sale

  • Chapter 7: The Big Picture

My Complete Review

Dating books for men tend to split into two camps. There are those written by young guys whose primary motivation stems from a chance to make some money selling to an evergreen niche known as the "men's seduction and dating" genre, and there are those other authors who seem to be genuinely interested in the subject. These are the ones who bring a degree of maturity and sophistication to their product. They write as though their aim was to create the "Thinking Man's Guide To The Seduction Of Women".

Fortunately, Michael Pilinski's book "Without Embarrassment" falls into the latter camp. We know within the first 4 pages that we are not only going to enjoy the man's style of writing throughout, but we are going to learn some important stuff too. For example, on the fourth page of text we learn about the amazing courting rituals of the Greek Spartans, and suddenly we realize that all of our own modern day courting rituals are just that - social modes of behavior that have been laid down through cultural evolution, and which may well conflict with the physical modes of behavior that the process of sexual evolution has put in place over far longer periods of time.

Pilinski's contention is that your awkardness with women is a manifestation of conflicting physical and social blueprints that your body and mind are working from, and that it is instructive to keep in mind that "these laws of romance have been shaped in the crucible of fire and passions that were born of far more desparate times than our own".

This is all good and well, you might be thinking, but can "Without Embarrassment" deliver the goods and teach me how to be REALLY successful with women? Acording to Pilinski, absolutely: "You will learn some of the classiest methods imaginable to influence and seduce the kind of great looking girls that you've always fantasized about having." He then says his book will do this by teaching you how to act like a High-Status Dominant Male.

This approach echos the sentiment put forward in John Alexander's book How To Become An Alpha Male, which has also been reviewed on this site and received high marks. This is a good thing, and simply because the end result is the same, there is no reason upfront to suspect that the methods that get us there will be the same ones for both authors.

Indeed, Pilinski is a different author altogether than Alexander, and it shows in the precision of his language and his focus on the mental game that he sees as dominating the interplay between men and women. "You must learn," he says, "to wield powerful psychological weapons with the delicacy of skating across the fragile surface of a soap bubble. One misstep, one clumsy comment, one impatient forced play - and pop - the chance for a successful seduction vanishes and is lost forever."

So you know early on how serious Pilinski takes this game. He takes it particularly seriously because he was one of those poor schleps who emerges into adolescence without either the physical attractiveness to impress women nor the kind of personality to be able to shuck off the inevitable rejections that guys like him can expect of the less than sensitive adolescent female.

For this reason, you'll often see the remembered anguish of his long period of "maddening failure" with women bubble up in his writing. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it helps you better appreciate the trail that he has followed, and by inference, the one you too can embark upon if women have remained an insolvent mystery to this point in your life.

Without doubt, Michael Pilinski has suffered the searing agony of womenly defeat time and again in his life. But he has got beyond the point where once it crippled him, and now he UNDERSTANDS the cause and effect of the man-woman interplay that must take place if you are to get anywhere with women. You have to understand it completely, he contends, in order to master it - something which is hard to argue against.

Again and again, Michael reminds us as we work our way through the book, women don't respond primarily to what you look like when it comes to their subjective judgement of you as a potential mate (or simply someone they might consider sleeping with), but to how they grade you on their own male dominance scale. By the time you finish the book there will be little doubt in your mind that there is LOT to this way of understanding the problems you have been having with women. In fact, it would be near impossible to come away from reading "Without Embarrassment" without developing a new appreciation of your own standing as a male in the world of women.

I really enjoyed reviewing "Without Embarrassment" because it came at the problems men face with seduction from a much deeper place than other authors of this genre are comfortable (capable of?) examining. If there was any section of the book that didn't quite do it for me, it was the exercise in "scenario deconstruction" that is presented as Appendix A: Cayman Magic.

This is Michael's self-confessed attempt at a kind of Harlequin romance that he uses to examine a chance encounter between a man and a woman in a bar in the Cayman Islands. Although the pedagogical intention is good, I found myself critical of the writing style used to present the story - much of it could have been cut. If you elect to read the appendix I recommend skipping the story and cutting straight to the analysis which repreduces the important sections of the story anyway.

So my take away message for this book is that I give it a big thumbs up. I think you will discover the material to be eye opening - especially if you are the kind of guy who feels he may suffer from the Rejection Hypersensivity syndrome that Michael Pilinski feels is common to many males who find themselves unable to interact with women the way that they would like to. For those guys, "Without Embarrassment" is an absolute MUST READ.

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