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How To Become An Alpha Male

Review Summary
Written by someone who doesn't sound as though he has something to prove, and who really seems to understand the realities of dealing with women. That he is middle-aged is a real plus, as his writing has more depth than the average men's dating guide.
Honestly, I couldn't find anything to really object to about this guide.
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   4.9 / 5

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Author: John Alexander

What Customers Are Saying

First of all let me thank you for this book. It is really excellent and I got 4 one-night-stands in two weeks! I am obviously quite pleased.
- Oliver H., Switzerland

John you are like my f**king guardian angel. I have had sex with 3 different girls in the last 5 days.
- Matt D., Alabama, USA

"The things contained with your guide, I feel, are going to change my life... All of a sudden women are looking me dead in my face with this *longing look* and then smiling."
- Tyrone P., USA

"I'd been fantasizing about my twenty-something college professor for two semesters, but she couldn't even remember my name. 8 days after I got your material she handed me a note asking me to stay after class. When I got to her office she locked the door and practically raped me!"
- David K., Indiana, USA

Who Is This Book's Target Audience?

If you have been around the block a few times with women and you still haven't learned the things that you suspect are driving women into the arms of men that don't seem to deserve the attention lavished on them, then this may be the book you have been searching for.

The author is not one of those twenty-something studs whose writing will turn you off with his arrogance. No, John Alexander is middle-aged, and the maturity of life-experience comes through in his writing. As a younger man he was never the alpha-male that he has learned to become in this later stage of his life, and that is good news. Because, like him, you can learn from your experiences, and his, to become the kind of man that woman love to have in their lives as a lover.

Brief Description Of The Book

John Alexander points out early on in his book that most guides written for men about how to attract favorable attention from women focus largely on WHAT to do to please the woman. His approach, he says, is to concentrate instead on how to BECOME the man that women respond to.

This is much easier, because you have total control over the object of your attention - which is you! No matter how much work you put into improving yourself, you'll still have the results if your relationship does not pan out. The object of your affection will not be able to walk off and bring your hard work tumbling down around you like a house of cards.

Become the alpha male, says John, and you will ALWAYS BE the alpha male, no matter how things turn out in any one relationship. You will then always be able to simply BE YOURSELF, and "get non-stop streams of women" without any difficulty whatsoever.


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As to what's covered in the book, there's just a wealth of material which is not easy to summarize, so here's a brief listing showing just the chapter titles:

  • CHAPTER 1: The Truth About Women's Love of Sex... It May Surprise You

  • CHAPTER 2: The Number One Dating Mistake Men Make and How to Avoid It, Once and for All

  • CHAPTER 3: The Three Kinds of Men—Alpha Males, Beta Male "Nice Guys," and Jerks

  • CHAPTER 4: 24 Nonverbal Cues That Scream "I'm Non-Dominant." Get Rid of Them and Score!

  • CHAPTER 5: Six Beta Male Behaviors to Avoid

  • CHAPTER 6: How to Be an Alpha Male... When You're Taking Orders From Someone Else

  • CHAPTER 7: Project Your Ideal Self By Controlling the Way You're Seen

  • CHAPTER 8: The Most Important Power Attitude You Can Have

  • CHAPTER 9: Creating Your Own Strong Reality

  • CHAPTER 10: The Simple Secret to Being Dominant

  • CHAPTER 11: How to Look Better Than You Ever Thought Possible

  • CHAPTER 12: Important Techniques to Take Control of Your Mindset and Build Your Ideal Personality

  • CHAPTER 13: Severing Your Attachment to Outcomes

  • CHAPTER 14: Getting Over Your Insecurities

  • CHAPTER 15: Handling Your Fears of Rejection

  • CHAPTER 16: Why Improve Yourself?

  • CHAPTER 17: Using the Body Language of an Alpha Male

  • CHAPTER 18: Seven Steps to Create the Conditions That Increase Your Lays—Now!

  • CHAPTER 19: The Morning After

  • CHAPTER 20: Being Dominant in a Group

  • CHAPTER 21: Relationship Success

  • CHAPTER 22: Conclusion

My Complete Review

I enjoyed How To Become An Alpha Male much more than I suspected I would. Partly this was due to first impressions. The cover of the ebook is a little on the cheesy side with silhouettes of seducively gyrating girls. Don't let that stuff put you off; what you'll find inside is exactly the kind of content that you are looking for when it comes to dating guides for men - a well-written and logical philosophy of how to approach women, behave around them, and bring them into your life for lots of healthy sex. Make no mistake, sex IS the ultimate goal behind all of the preparation and self-reinvention that John promotes.

If his philosophy could be boiled down to the bare essentials, it would probably run something like this: (1) you need to learn how to become the sort of guy that does NOT depend on the approval of women in order to feel good about yourself, but you must learn to do it without becoming arrogant - and when you do feel good about yourself you will easily manage to convince others to feel the same way too. (2) in order to make a woman feel attracted to you and want to have sex with you, you must ensure that she is never made to feel that she would be perceived by you or anyone else as being a slut (John's exact words, repeated many times throughout the book).

If you can do those two things, and the devil is in the details, then you are well on your way to becoming the Alpha Male that takes the woman home night after night.

John Alexander has dedicated 170 pages to getting you to the point where he is now. It will take time and practice to learn the things that he now takes for granted, but the ideas in this book are very sound. Further more, the principle's espoused in "How To Become An Alpha Male" will spill over to all aspects of your life, such as how you conduct yourself at work, so you'll see improvements in others perceptions of you across the board. It is very hard to imagine how you could become an Alpha Male with women without simultaneously improving your social skills with everyone you interact with.

One of the main advantages that John's book has going for it was that it was written by someone who knows how to keep the reader engaged. In fact, if you were heading off to the pub for a round of relaxation and philosophizing (is that a word?) with your buddies, John is exactly the kind of character you'd want to have in your group.

Because this is the case, you shouldn't have any problem plowing through the book to reach the end. Another bonus is that an audio version of the book is available for customers of the ebook (a link to the discounted audio file version containing more than 6 hours of material can be found near the end of the book). So if you really enjoyed what John has had to say, and you want to have his lessons further soak into your consciousness over a period of time, you can use the audio tapes to repeatedly expose yourself to the ideas.

"How To Become An Alpha Male" gets my top recommendation. Grab this one - you won't regret it!

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