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Fireworks With Females

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This is a book written for men who want to not only become successful with women, but avoid the US versus THEM mentality that pervades so many dating advice titles for men. In this regard, Fireworks With Females succeeds admirably. An easy two thumbs up.
The material on positive thinking could perhaps have been trimmed. Otherwise there's really not too much to complain about here, other than the terrible title chosen for the book.
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Author: Slade Shaw

Who Is This Book's Target Audience?

Are you one of those guys that wonders why it is that the girls always seem to gravitate towards the OTHER end of the room at the parties you attend? If you are constantly wondering WHY the "popular" guy seems to be enjoying more than his fair share of the attention, then this guide to women contains exactly the kind of information that you are looking for. Its sole purpose is to take you from zero to sixty with the oppose sex, and do it using the natural talents you have for engaging women that you probably don't realize you already possess.

Whether you are 16 years of age, or 61, the principles you'll find in Fireworks With Females are equally applicable. If you want to BECOME the guy that effortlessly attracts girls, and not just reproduce the kind of short-term success that comes from imitating their behavior, then you fall into the target group for which this book was written.

Brief Description Of The Book

Slade Shaw's guide for guys explains how you become a commanding and desirable presence in the company of the opposite sex. It works because it was written by someone who eventually learned that his NATURAL ABILITY with women was exceptionally UNCOMMON, and he could actually teach what he knew to those who did not possess his natural abilities.

In fact, the author calls guys like himself 'naturals', and he makes it his job to teach you how to emulate the gifts of a natural. His contention is that if you were not BORN a natural, then you can learn to BECOME someone who takes on the characteristics of a 'natural', and reap the benefits they enjoy.

In a nutshell, this is a one-stop course for guys like you who want to be:

1) The kind of guy that women LOVE.
2) The guy that glides into any social situation and gets the woman he wants.
3) The kind of guy that effortlessly conveys greatness to women.

In other words, the kind of guy who GETS THE GIRL.



My Complete Review

If what you are looking for in a guide to getting women is GOLD in the form of specific SOLID insights that can be translated into an immediate BOOST in relationship success, then Fireworks With Females has the goods.

For example, do you know what 'chick crack' is? If you don't, how do you plan to dole it out and have women mentally SLATHERING for more of it? You'll learn all about 'chick crack' as a powerful tool for establishing that initial rapport with a complete stranger, and then how to go a step BEYOND that, on page 74.

Then there is your VOICE. Are you turning off women simply by opening your mouth? It's a scary thought, but it may not be WHAT you are saying, but how you are saying it. Do you sound more like SEAN CONNERY or BART SIMPSON when you speak? It's yet another aspect of your approach to women that you probably have never given a second thought, let alone appreciated how it might be torpedoing your efforts to get the girl.

And ROOT WORDS. Do you know how to pick apart the content of what a woman is telling you when she responds to you? If you don't know how to spot those root words you won't be able to immediately RE-ENGAGE her and take the conversation in the direction she WANTS it to go, so that when the time comes she'll actually HOPE that you ask to see her again.

But there is a lot more to developing complete control over your relationships with the opposite sex than simply gaining mastery over your opening move. This book is aimed at those who want it all - not just to GET A GIRL, but to get the kind of woman that makes the whole enterprise worth the effort.

But let's backtrack for a moment so that I can tell you a little about the author and his motivation for writing Fireworks With Females.

Slade Shaw was one of those guys that you probably see often enough if you happen to be spending time right now on a college campus. He was the one who seemed always to draw attention from the girls. He wasn't necessarily someone that other guys resented. But he did have something going for him that WORKED.

As Slade tells it, he found that in college there were a group of guys like himself, who tended to gravitate toward each other. They seemed to hit it off for reasons that he did not understand back then, but which he now believes had a lot to do with the fact that all of them had a natural TALENT for attracting and commanding the attention of women.

Back then he didn't question why the group worked well together. He just assumed their successful disposition with the oppose sex was the kind of thing all guys enjoyed. It wasn't until much later, when he left college, and went out and got a job in the real world, and had to mix with people OUTSIDE the group he had been hanging with for five years, that it dawned on him that this wasn't the case. He had been living the charmed life.

The thing that amazed Slade (in fact, he claims it kind of freaked him out) was that although his new male friends outside of college were successful, funny, and great to hang out with, when it came to dating, their lives were a complete mess. Even if one of them lucked out, the guy had absolutely no control over WHICH women were attrated to him OR the course of subsequent events. As Slade tells it, "They were completely at the mercy of feminine caprice."

It was then that he realized other guys might be able to learn from the lessons he'd benefited from simply by hanging with his group of girl-pulling 'naturals' in college. In fact, chances are that you are exactly the kind of guy for whom Slade has written his Fireworks With Females: guys who could benefit substantially from simply knowing the things that he assumed to be common knowledge, when in fact, outside the kind of group that he frequented, nothing could be further from the truth.

As luck would have it, at about the same time that Slade was wondering how best to help out his new friends, he met someone who would ultimately encourage him to write his Fireworks With Females. Her name was Mirabelle Summers. A professional dating coach by profession, she too was intrigued by the "science of attraction", and together they began exchanging ideas.

His immediate inclination was to try to solve the dating problems of his new 'post-college' friends, and hers was to get it down on paper. If there were universal principles to the seemingly complex science of attraction - ones that could be deciphered, and then summarized in an easy-to-understand form, then these could be shared with all the other guys out there for whom there seemed no rhyme or reason to the nature of women and their pursuit of men.

Mirabelle's interests won out, of course, otherwise I'd not be reviewing for you what Slade and she learned from their experiences with his new group of friends. Their "experiments", if you will, priming guys for success with the oppose sex turned out to be amazingly successful. The words Slade uses to describe the results of his and Mirabelle's tutoring of this group about "what works" with women are "instantaneous transformations."

Well, there's a lot of content in this guide. At 200+ pages you'll find that you won't be rushing through this in an hour and setting into motion your new approach to charming the girls. In fact, one of the reasons you won't find yourself speed-reading is that the strategies Slade proposes for getting the girl can be both counterintuitive and paradoxical. For example, it turns out to be very important to give your FRIENDS more respect than any woman you have just met that you are attempting to impress.

These ideas are exactly the kinds of things you would likely dismiss out of hand if you had dreamed them up yourself. So there is a certain amount of reprogramming you will be doing internally as you progress your way through the book.

So while it is true that Fireworks With Females is fairly long, the abundance of material is mostly a plus, because Slade turns out to be a skilled writer with a "voice" that is easy to listen to. There is an immediate recognition (or at least there was for me) that you are listening to someone who knows how to relate to people. This is exactly what you want to see in someone who claims to be successful with the opposite sex.

This is not to say that the book doesn't present some material that you'll have heard before in one form or another. This is of the "positive thinking" nature, which seems to be almost mandatory in any report that falls within the self-improvement genre. In this case it's not until about a third of the way through the book that you'll come across some concrete suggestions for to how to carry out Slade's "instantaneous transformation" to the kind of guy that gets true respect and attention from women.

This is the GOLD that you were looking for, and the advice is more than solid.

But Slade is only getting started at this point and the next 120 pages just keeps on delivering. If you want to know the answer to the question WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? I can tell you that you are probably still going to be working on that for some time to come. But reading this book will go a long way to helping you figure out HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN. And I am sure you don't need to be told how this will prove more than just a little useful to you.

So if you need to GET THE GIRL, go get this book NOW. It may just completely CHANGE your way of thinking and put your love life on the path that you have been yearning for.

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