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How To Become An Alpha Male

Without Embarrassment

The Art Of Approaching

Fireworks With Females
How To Become An Alpha Male
Without Embarrassment
The Art Of Approaching
Fireworks With Females
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G E T   N O W
G E T   N O W
G E T   N O W
G E T   N O W
 Author  John Alexander Michael Pilinski Joseph Matthews Slade Shaw
 Best Suited For  Likely to resonate with men 30+ years of age. For guys who experience extreme anxiety approaching women. Primarily for men in their twenties, or younger. Designed to target a general male audience.
 Number of Pages  170 252 351 215
 Killer Techniques  Boyfriending Handshake Trick, Sandalwood Candle Sex Mini Dating -
 Instant Download 
 Moneyback Guarantee 
 Respects Women 
 Offers Mini-Course 
 Offers Trial Signup 
$5 down + remainder billed after 7 days.
 Suggests Affirmations 
 Covers Self Hypnosis 
 Covers NLP Techniques 
 Fear Management 
 Covers Pickup Venues 
 Art Of Approach 

Not the focus of the book, but adequately covered.

Covered only in general terms.

Comprehensive coverage - hence the title of the book.

Adequate treatment, but not covered in true depth.
 Has Seduction Plan 

7-step plan with sex as the ultimate goal.

Provides some interesting techniques in the bedroom.

More real-life cases of seduction than a specific plan.

Very thorough coverage of initiating intimacy.
 Covers Sex Night 
 Covers Online Dating 
 Covers Speed Dating 
 Narrator Likability 

Straightforward, if a little crude.

A cross between a thinking man and a potty mouth.

Talented narrator - really knows how to put you in the scene.

Well mannered and respectful.
 Entertainment Value 

Like listening to someone from the trenches.

Been blown out of the water by rejection? This book is for you!

Able to make me laugh on occasion, which is a plus!

Mildy entertaining, more politically correct.
 Overall Quality 

Quality advice and instruction - neither too much nor too little

The good (Love) Doctor Pilinski delivers the goods!

Excellent material - but perhaps too much of it...

Quality advice from a natural with women.
 Quality of Bonuses 

  1. Create the Ideal You
  2. How To Make A Woman Laugh

  1. Move Out Of The Friends Zone
  2. How To Be A Sex God
  3. How To Steal Any Girl

  1. Sexual Dynamo
  2. Social Mastery
  3. Make The Internet Your Dating Playground (audio)
  4. How to Become Bulletproof with Babes (audio)
G E T   N O W
G E T   N O W
G E T   N O W
G E T   N O W
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